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Have you ever had to sacrifice something to bring back something or someone you love? Peggy McAloon is here today to talk about the second book in her Lessons from Fiori series, Missing. Elle’s brother has been kidnapped. Will she be able to save him?

Blogger’s Note: I have not read this book yet, but it looks fascinating and the character interview below is certainly intriguing. – Kimberly

About the Book

Kidnapping. Monsters. Magic.

Missing Cover for Kindle 12 1 15Elle’s desperate to find her kidnapped brother. She teams up with the winged warriors from the dimension of Fiori to save him, but JJ isn’t the only one in danger. What will Elle sacrifice to bring her brother home? Can she fulfill the ancient prophecy and restore the magic of the Bronze Pendant?

You will love this Coming of Age, action-packed fantasy for middle-grade readers. Elle Burton’s goal is to rescue her brother. What she discovers is pure evil. The author provides a female role model who strives to overcome her flaws and inspire kids everywhere.

“Missing” blends the magic of a fairytale with the contemporary realities of the world today’s youth inhabit. You will discover a new world order through the journey of a young girl who exhibits both compassion and jaw-dropping courage in her quest to fulfill an ancient prophecy. Find yourself caught in the ultimate struggle between good and evil. “Missing” is the second book in the “Lessons from Fiori” series.

Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01E5Z668U

About the Author

McAloon_2838Peggy M McAloon is on a mission to inspire kids everywhere to stand up to abuse and bullying. Her “Lessons from Fiori Series” about a young girl from Wisconsin, provides a strong female role model who isn’t afraid to show compassion or hack into a con man’s computer if the need arises. Peggy’s courageous battle with depression, abuse, and a traumatic brain injury has enabled her to identify with both children and adults who have suffered from abuse and bullying.

She’s a retired trainer and speaker in the field of commercial credit. Her first book, “The Art of Business Credit Investigation” was featured in Inc. Magazine. She’s been interviewed by the Associated Press and appeared on news shows in her efforts to protect our water resources.

FACEBOOK AUTHOR PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/peggymoundmcaloon/
LINKEDIN PROFILE: https://www.linkedin.com/in/peggymcaloon
GOOGLE PLUS PROFILE: https://plus.google.com/+PeggyMcAloon
AMAZON AUTHOR CENTRAL: http://www.amazon.com/Peggy-E.-Mound/e/B001KCBZZG
Twitter: @peggymcaloon
You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/user/mcaloonp


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There are seventeen prizes with seventeen winners! Peggy is generously giving away 5 signed copies of the first book in her series, Elle Burton, 10 signed copies of her new release, Missing, and 2 replicas of Elle’s necklace.

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#1A Missing

Amadeus Interview

By Cuicci, Investigative Reporter for the Fiori Review

Amadeus, how are you linked to Elle Burton?

Elle is a designated guide to the Fiorins, who protect the children of earth.

From the moment they take their first breath until they wake up with no memory of us on their eighth birthday, a human child is in the constant care of a Fiorin.

Since we are no bigger than a butterfly in Earth’s dimension, we enlist guides from your world to help us protect the children. Fiorins protecting Earthlings is an ageless concept.

Where is Fiori?

Fiori is a parallel dimension to Earth. There are some distinct differences between the two, however.

There are more flowers than you have seen in your entire life in Fiori. Some are as large as a tractor tire with centers as big as a meat platter. We live in wonderful stilt houses scattered in and among the flowers or in the trees where we can gaze down at the beautiful valleys of flowers below us.

There are reflecting ponds throughout the valley. We depend on them to travel between the two worlds.

The sky appears burnished with red, purple, and gold shades of the most spectacular sunset imaginable on earth. There are no clouds in our skies, and we don’t have what you refer to as nighttime.

Have you ever been linked to a human we would all recognize?

Mother Blue assigned me to a young girl named Joan in the village of Domrémy in France in 1412. As she grew, I mourned the fact that she couldn’t read, write or ride a horse. I told her stories to replace the education she never received.

I didn’t ever leave her side as she did her chores. Her tenacity was my greatest pride as I watched her carry water from the village well each day. The cattle and sheep in her care flourished as did she. I encouraged her as she grew and learned to spin wool into yarn to make clothing for herself and her family. Even after her eighth birthday, I often returned to check on her growth. My heart nearly burst with pride over that peasant girl with the kind heart. You know her as Joan of Arc.

I understand you’re considered a favorite and heroic warrior in Fiori. Can you explain what that entails?

Within the dimension of Fiori, we have an area occupied by demonic creatures called Zorin. I’m part of the parameter guard that defends our lands from the Zorin.

On Earth, I’m simply a protector of children as is every Fiorin engaged there. We are sworn to protect and do no harm to the humans in our care.

Do you ever wish you were larger on Earth so you could do more to protect the children?

Size isn’t necessarily the only asset we can use to ward off evil.

Every Fiorin has a special gift.

Mine is the ability to create storms and heavy winds. A strategically placed bolt of lightning can deter the bravest human, intent on causing harm.

My friend Eunie Mae has the gift of restful sleep. She can sing to a small child and lull them into a deep sleep free of nightmares.

What disappoints you when it comes to protecting the children?

The biggest disappointment is the fact that we can’t save them all.

Sometimes we’re unable to reach the newborn to give the first breath to ensure a kind heart. Also, evil exists in both worlds. The Zorin are intent on controlling both worlds one day.

We try, but there are some circumstances we’re unable to regulate. Our hearts ache for every child lost on earth.

I understand that when Elle Burton and Jimmy Backus visit you in the dimension of Fiori that you’re the same size they are. Do they become small like you?

When the guides visit Fiori, they are equal to us in size. We are no longer tiny butterfly-like creatures.

Is there a map of Fiori?

We have dozens of land charts in Fiori, of course, but none exist on earth. It would jeopardize our very existence if maps were attainable in earth’s dimension.

What is one thing the humans have not yet learned about you?

I am totally devoted to my housemate, who’s name is Tytoo. He’s approximately the same size as your pug dog breed, but in fact, he’s a miniature elephant. He’s been with me for nearly 1,200 years now. He stays in the palace with Mother Blue when I’m on assignment on Earth.

Mother Blue?

She’s the leader of the Fiorins. As each earth child turns eight years of age, Mother Blue can look into the enchanted fountain and see a glimpse of what they will become when they reach adulthood.

If you could provide one recommendation to the humans, what would it be?

I would recommend they always treat others with kindness and do good in their world. Who knows, perhaps humans who are compassionate will earn the right to become a guide to Fiori. There is no greater honor for a human than to be an inspiration to the children there.


The first book in the series, Elle Burton and the Reflective Portals has been reduced by Amazon. The softcover is at 56% off, or $6.11 for the 276-page book. Double check the price before purchasing, though, since Amazon can change the price at any time. Missing is also free on Kindle Unlimited.

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