Scary “Research” Books: I Really Am a Writer

It’s funny how I’ll stop and look at my bookshelf full of books for writing research and then go “I shouldn’t show some of these to people who don’t know I’m a writer.” They’re not bad, but they are . . . unusual and occasionally a little scary at first glance. Because I am a fantasy writer, I have a lot of Celtic mythology books, general mythology, books on ancient cultures, medieval weapons and warfare, fantasy weapons, and then there are my specialty books. Those are the ones that probably seem a little scary.

I love to write about shapeshifters and other creatures of legend so I have a number of books on werewolves, cryptozoology, and mythical creatures in general. I also have some books on angelology/demonology, which come in handy when I’m revamping original legends into a new creature. But the scariest book for research I currently have in my possession is probably Book of Poisons: A Guide for Writers. And of course, the “a guide for writers” is in much smaller print on the cover (not even on the spine) compared to the main title. I like this book, it’s a very handy reference that covers all sorts of poisonous plants, creatures, and medicines with the all important details for antidotes and treatments and any other special consideration for writerly plots as well as what you should keep in mind when making up a poison or disease, but it’s probably not one of my “look at my bookshelf and you’ll get to know me” books. 😉

Now I know I can’t be the only writer who has somewhat scary research books. So what is one book you would wait to show someone until after they’ve learned you’re a writer?


One thought on “Scary “Research” Books: I Really Am a Writer

  1. weavingword

    I have very similar books on my shelf (minus the one on poisons!). Lots of medieval history and resource books, celtic mythology and European folklore, Katharine Briggs “Encyclopedia of Fairies” and “Brother Cadfael’s Herb Garden” among others. Nothing particularly scary, just nerdy. 🙂
    The baby name books have raised eyebrows before though. I keep several different ones handy to help me with character names, but sometimes people get the wrong idea.


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