I Love It When . . .

I love it when a plan comes together. Or in this case, when a story comes together. I don’t know about the rest of you but the moment when a new character bursts into my imagination AND totes a nice plot with key point outline (deciding on major points is as detailed as this pantster gets lol) is simply magical.

The funny thing is that Baran, whose first story is in final edits, simply prowled out of the dark and mysterious forest intent on hunting the Fringe and keeping his people from being exposed to the outside world. He was also above providing me with more than his intense first chapter for several months. This from the general who holds honor as sacred. 😉 Characters are so fickle.

My latest hero is a bit of a scoundrel but he was the most considerate to the author, go figure. Of course, his story is already promising to be equal parts exasperating, charming, and nerve-wracking. The best part of his journey is that it promises to give me something other than edits to think about. Baran’s stories are ongoing and he too has his second full-length novel outlined but for ease of obtaining the necessary information for the story, the prize goes to Edmund. His story is certainly going to be different than that of Baran’s but I enjoy that about my heroes and the heroines as well. They’re not carbon copies placed in different settings. Each one comes with their own stories and motivations. Baran, whom you will meet first, is the stoic and honorable military man. I enjoy tormenting him with a girl who has absolutely no concept of proper military-appropriate rules and conducts herself with annoying flamboyancy (as Baran describes her). 😀

As for the other characters you are destined to meet as soon as I finish their stories . . .

Well, once you meet them, you’ll be able to see for yourselves just how unique they are.

What was the easiest story for you to come up with? Did the character bring you the whole kit and caboodle or did some parts come sooner than others? Any tips on how to coax stubborn characters into spilling the story?


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