Setting the Mood…

Setting the mood for your writing can be difficult. Maybe you work best in utter silence. Maybe you prefer the atmosphere of your local coffee shop. For myself, I prefer to work with my music. But it can’t be just any music. It must be intent and fast-paced because it’s difficult to write an intense battle scene when a slow song comes on or a love song, which usually wrecks the mood.

My favorite writing music includes soundtracks such as the official scores to all three Lord of the Rings movies along with The Hobbit movies. When I get tired of my own music, I use Pandora to rotate through soundtracks and trailer music. My other fallback is YouTube and the epic music mixes.

These are two of my favorite mixes (I used them throughout NaNoWriMo) –

The general mood setter for The Therian Way…

And my go-to inspiration for the atmosphere during an intense fight is…

So how do you set the mood for your writing? Do you have a specific place you like to use? Best music for fight scenes? For romantic scenes? What music is guaranteed to pull you out of the mood? Do you like music with lyrics or is it instrumentals and vocalizations only? ‘Tis the season for Christmas music. Does it help or distract you while writing? Maybe it puts you in the mood to write Christmas-themed stories instead of the thrilling adventure currently happening in your fantasy.


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