In the Wake of a Month of Novel Writing, I am…

Thankful. Exhausted. Ready to write more, lol. 🙂

So, after participating in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month for the uninitiated), I am put in mind of several things.

First, I must say thank you. Thank you to my family for being supportive of my desire to write and to write Christian Fantasy when so many other writers struggle with families who consider writing just a hobby or a waste of time. It would be extremely difficult for me to continue if you guys weren’t even a little supportive of my work, so thank you. Even if you don’t always get some the writerly things that come out of my mouth. 😉 Thank you to the various other Christian writers I have met and who have been more than willing to help encourage a fledgling author and work with me in figuring out the occasionally overwhelming details that go along with indie publishing. Special thanks goes out to WD who has been among the first to hear most of my wild schemes for new novels and spectacularly evil plot twists and cheers enthusiastically for these schemes. And finally, thank you to my Lord and Savior for giving me the call to write for You and cultivate my wild imagination into a tool for You and Your work.

Second, I must say that writing a first draft of a complete novel, which went beyond 50k, was an insane amount of work. I am so glad NaNo is over. 😉 However, the task of churning out a novel in a month and succeeding gives me the boost of confidence I need to complete the next first draft over a two to three months timeframe. I already completed the most challenging time crunch so I don’t really have much of an excuse as far as “it’s too much to write for that amount of time” (any monkey wrenches Life throws my way don’t count) because I know I can do it in an even tighter timeframe.

Third, while I definitely needed a break after typing that last sentence for the novel, I’m also eager to jump back into writing. This ties in with my second point since every completed project (no matter how ugly it currently is due to a dramatic need for editing) helps spur me on because if I’ve done it once or twice or however many times before, I can do it again. Do I want to write another novel in a month? Not this year. 😉 But, setting any goal regarding my books from plotting to writing to editing and meeting one or more goals definitely helps me to keep on writing.

Whether you participated in NaNo or sat it out, whether you are penning the first words of the story or touching up the final edition before publishing your novel, whether your goal is to write and publish one novel a year or to write and publish five or more, setting goals-daily, weekly, monthly or even confirmed, hopeful, and dream goals-and then meeting the goal should always give writers a sense of accomplishment. It doesn’t matter if I am making as much of a profit as other writers or if I’m still on the brink of publication because I need or want to add a couple more rounds of editing just to make sure my book is as polished as it can be while other writers don’t need as many editing rounds and are comfortable with a shorter editing timeframe. What matters for me is that I have completed the hardest part of the writing process: actually finishing the first draft. I am a writer. I am an author and I am writing for myself and for Him.

December is the last month of 2014. And even as I’m spending time with my family and celebrating the birth of Christ Jesus, I am also looking forward to what adventures God will send me on in 2015. I’m also eager to get back to my review books. 😉


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