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Tiger’s Paw Snippet – Weekend Writing Warriors – Part 13

Thirteenth and final entry for the #8sunday Weekend Writing Warriors blog hop –

A Tracker.

Why a Therian Tracker had come after me was the question of the hour. Biting back a frustrated growl, I gazed down at her. Either she was the Fringe recruiter or she was about to ruin four months of undercover work. I intended to find out. We would need to talk in private, though, too many Elven and Therian ears around who might overhear us in spite of the nearly deafening music. I nodded to the narrow door to my left and she preceded me, too confident in her mannerism. That’s right, little mouse, let’s see who sent you into my trap…

The above is an excerpt from my WIP novella, Tiger’s Paw, the prequel to The Therian Way, my urban fantasy series. This entry is a direct continuation from last week’s, which you can read here. This is also my last entry for the foreseeable future since this is the end of the first chapter. Maybe I will start posting snippets from the opening chapter of the next book by January.

Tiger’s Paw excerpt (c) Kimberly A. Rogers and blog.