Tiger’s Paw Snippet – Weekend Writing Warriors – Part 9

Ninth entry for the #8sunday Weekend Writing Warriors blog hop –

Humans run it, but Elves go there and Therians go as well. Someone is approaching Therians and convincing them to go fringe. I propose that a Therian go to the Blue Star and wait until he is approached, then we will have the contact agent. If the Therian can persuade this agent that he is considering going fringe, perhaps we will catch an even bigger prey, the head of the Fringe movement.”

A snarl rose from the back of the room. I didn’t bother to turn as Michael, one of the Lion commandants who were still surly about their perceived loss of station, stalked up behind me. Much as I disliked having him at my back, I would not acknowledge that I thought him a threat by turning to face him. The surly commandant would enjoy that too much.

The above is an excerpt from my WIP novella, Tiger’s Paw, the prequel to The Therian Way, my urban fantasy series. This time it picks up in the middle of Baran’s speech. This entry is a direct continuation from last week’s, which you can read here.

Tiger’s Paw excerpt (c) Kimberly A. Rogers and kimberlyrogerscfwriter.wordpress.com blog.


4 thoughts on “Tiger’s Paw Snippet – Weekend Writing Warriors – Part 9

  1. Christina Ochs

    Sounds like a plan! I would’t be too thrilled to have a lion right behind me either, but it would be hard not to look. 🙂

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