Tiger’s Paw Snippet – Weekend Writing Warriors – Part 6

Sixth entry for the #8sunday Weekend Writing Warriors blog hop –

The jackal’s skin was twitching and I braced for his shift. Instead, he merely snapped at the air, golden eyes bulging as he lunged straight at me. “Death to the tiger!”

I waited until he was nearly upon me then sidestepped, twisting as I clamped my hand on his leg and wrenched it at the same time I drove him to the floor. Devin let out a high-pitched yelp as his leg broke. He would heal within the day. Flipping him onto his back, I grabbed his throat, pinning him down. “Who recruited you?

The above is an excerpt from my WIP novella, Tiger’s Paw, the prequel to The Therian Way, my urban fantasy series. This time it ends in the middle of another speech, which is why I don’t have a closing quotation mark. This entry is a direct continuation from last week’s, which you can read here.

Tiger’s Paw excerpt (c) Kimberly A. Rogers and kimberlyrogerscfwriter.wordpress.com blog.


13 thoughts on “Tiger’s Paw Snippet – Weekend Writing Warriors – Part 6

  1. thepaperbutterfly

    I’m not really a fan of action, but this was well-written. Succinct and to the point with enough description to make it enjoyable. I suck at action scenes, so I know how hard they are to write well :$ Since I haven’t read the snippets before I don’t really know what’s going on XD Are the characters animals? Can they morph into humans? It sounds like they have magical abilities to heal too? Looking forward to seeing reading more about this ^^

    1. kimberlyrogerscfwriter Post author

      Thank you for your feedback. The characters are shapeshifters known as Therians – Humans who shift into animals with accelerated healing capabilities along with heightened senses and long lives. They tend to identify each other by their beasts, which is why this snippet has ‘jackal’ and ‘tiger’ references.

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