Tiger’s Paw Snippet – Weekend Writing Warriors – Part 2

Second entry for the #8sunday Weekend Writing Warriors blog hop –

This traitorous backstabber had used my personal clearance code to allow Fringe forces into the city limits, which resulted in the deaths of thirty civilians, among them sixteen innocent cubs, and had nearly revealed the presence of our kind to humanity. Humans who still naïvely believed after over five hundred and fifty years of knowing and dealing with the Elves that none of the other distorted legends held a grain of truth. We Therians would prefer to keep them that way. If the Humans learned of our existence, it would be the end of the Therian Way.

Cold fury whipped to the fore at that thought and I let go of my control just enough to achieve a partial change. I growled again, now a man with a tiger’s head, as I loomed over the prisoner. My muzzle wrinkled as I smelled the prisoner’s fear going up a notch. That’s right; cower before the tiger who just might bite your head off for being a traitor.


The above is an excerpt from my WIP novella, Tiger’s Paw, the prequel to The Therian Way, my urban fantasy series. It is a direct continuation from last week’s, which you can read here.


Tiger’s Paw excerpt (c) Kimberly A. Rogers and kimberlyrogerscfwriter.wordpress.com blog.


8 thoughts on “Tiger’s Paw Snippet – Weekend Writing Warriors – Part 2

  1. burnsmillie

    I can feel his anger quite clearly. Nicely done : ) And, I’m so glad to know what he did to become a traitor…but who is he? Still leaving me with questions : )

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